THE ARTIST – a novel

Buried under miles of dense forest lies the town of Oak Harbor where each autumn, when the sun turns the leaves into translucent fire, the god-fearing denizens chain the church doors shut and welcome a witch and the key to Heaven she offers, for a price.


Twenty-six year old Tobias Starling has spent his entire life in Oak Harbor living under the shadow of his mother, the Artist and escort to the witch. But when his mother dies unexpectedly, Tobias must choose between finally stepping out from her shadow and creating a life of his own in the community, or fulfilling her dying plea to bring an end to the witch. Haunted by those doubts dredged from his mother’s last words, he decides the answer can only be found deep in the forest, beyond the witch’s cottage door.


Offering himself into the witch’s servitude, Tobias stirs up more than just truth about her. Everyone in town has a secret, everyone has a reason to buy their way into heaven, and Tobias may now hold all the keys to the salvation or condemnation of Oak Harbor.

Currently in the works, The Artist will be a literary fiction novel with elements of fantasy.

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