Welcome to John's playground

The rumors you heard are false! John doesn’t live at his keyboard. Nor is he avoiding all life, tucked away in a ramshackle hut deep within the Appalachian mountains . . . as cool as that would be.

So where is he? Everywhere you probably don’t want to be.

Somedays he’s avoiding the trash in an alley, looking for that perfect urban photo.

Other days find him blowing dust off books in the forbidden section of his local bookseller (hint: It’s in the last bathroom stall. The one that’s always locked).

Occasionally, he’s stuck to a gum ridden theater seat, watching an obscure foreign film he only heard about from that retired CIA janitor with the eyepatch (note: The eyepatch is fake. You didn’t hear it from me).

But no matter what he’s doing, where he’s playing, or whom he’s spying on . . . John is always creating.

And this is where he shares it all! Here you’ll find videos, blogs, short stories, that photograph he eventually did get in the alley, and information about his upcoming books. In fact, this entire website and most of the images were created by him. Yes, that means this whole intro was written by him, in third person.

I know, mind blowing! 

So, you’re all set. Here’s the key. Make sure you lock up when you’re done. Also, your mother isn’t here so cleanup after yourself.